Friday, March 8, 2013

A Pink Surprise!

Today was going to be just a regular day at MOPS (Mothers Of PreschoolerS), which is a moms group I go to that meets about twice a month at Wilshire Baptist. I did get a heads up that they might make an announcement about my recent 1-year ‘cancerversary’ milestone, but little did I know what they had in store! As I walked in, Stella said, “Look Mommy – pink balloons! Birthday party!” And I said, “Yes, honey, it must be someone’s birthday, that’s right!” But then I walked in to EVERYONE wearing pink, with more pink balloons, pink tablecloths, pink napkins, and pink plates. And there was a pink balloon tied to my chair….hmmm!
When it came time for announcements, they called me up to the front and gave me pink hydrangeas. They said everyone was wearing pink to support me and celebrate my milestone - I was speechless! When they asked me for an update, about all I could think to say to everyone (besides THANK YOU) was, "my oncologist says I am cancer free now" and "my hair has grown 4 inches!" I can’t even begin to describe how nice it is to have something positive to celebrate, after such a difficult year. I feel like I can actually move on with my life, and look towards the future. I feel like I might ACTUALLY be around to watch Stella grow up, and to be there for Ben. I take nothing for granted anymore! So, thank you to all my MOPS friends who made today so special – as Ben said, “that was really, really cool of them.” And sneaky too! :) Apparently an evite went out to everyone (but me) about wearing pink today. This group of ladies really knows how to show their support!
As a side note, I happened to be wearing a pink sweater today – but I wear pink a lot – my bridesmaids were pink, everyone at my baby shower wore pink, and I dress Stella in pink all the time. So, that was really nothing new – but had I known, I definitely would have showered this morning! Ha!